Case study
10 March 2024

Beghelli lighting inside the STAY residential area (Spain)

Sustainable, high quality lighting for a new living concept. 

Thanks to the collaboration with Alphalight, Beghelli was able to offer its products for this beautiful project of Kronos.


STAY is a new residential rental complex that combines the best technology with sustainability.
This innovative residential concept offers maximum comfort thanks to its architecture and carefully chosen lighting design. 
From the outside, a unique geometric light slot enhances the corporate identity and captures our attention. The communal areas welcome us with a warm light that evenly floods the covered area. Recessed luminaires on the terrace trace paths and routes, creating resting areas in the interstices of the illuminated zones.
Inside, the shared, work and meeting rooms have integrated luminaires that blend in with the finish of the upper floor. The work room has an elegant linear pendant luminaire that offers a high level of visual comfort. The gymnasium avoids glare from gymnastic equipment, using indirect, chromatic lighting that encourages physical activity.
STAY's lighting design pays particular attention to cores and communication spaces.
So much so that the garage ramp becomes an impressive light sculpture thanks to LED strips attached to the concrete beams.
Photo credits:  Juanan Barros
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