03 November 2021

Cold and flu? No problem, breathe SanificaAria

Seasonal ailments are in the air we breathe, we help you reduce their spread

The health situation has definitely improved, but seasonal ailments are still transmissible in the air, we prefer warm places, indoors and we find ourselves in company to share workplaces, gyms and restaurants. Why not keep doing it safely?
Wherever we are, the important thing is to breathe SanificaAria!
With the pandemic, we felt the need not to be alone and to frequent meeting places, where the air must be healthy and it is an important issue. The effectiveness of SanificaAria is tested both on SARS-CoV-2 and on dozens of infectious microorganisms that are transmitted by air, such as cold and seasonal flu viruses.
To raise public awareness, we created the new SanificaAria commercial, which will be broadcast on Sky, which explains the importance of protecting every moment of our life, breathing healthier and safer air indoors. Now more than ever, it's the right choice, because the future is in the air we breathe!