20 July 2020

Continuous sanitization of environments

Air purifiers with patented UvOxy® technology

The air purification is the “new” essential element for safety, some environments such as offices, gyms, hospitals, schools, industrial facilities and apartment buildings require periodic sanitizing treatment to massively act on every vegetative, bacterial or viral organism.


SanificaAria is the Beghelli solution to sanitize air in civil and service sectors, specifically designed to operate in the presence of people. A air purifier range that uses UvOxy® technology, a controlled UV-C emission system that guaranties safety and efficiency.






Proven effectiveness of up to 99,9% on viruses and bacteria

Ozono - O3 Free – No exposure to UV-C sources

The core technology is the patented UvOxy® purification system, a process that has no contraindications as the source does not directly emit UV-C radiation and does not generate Ozone, therefore, the rooms can be sanitized even in the presence of people. The appliances have been designed for sanitizing air through a closed chamber system saturated with UV-C rays. The UvOxy® Flow Cell, which draws contaminated air and outputs sanitized air, is installed on all appliances of Beghelli air purifiers.

UV-C radiation is generated only inside of the chamber, but the ventilation system carries the aerosols contained in the air and puts them into contact with the sanitizing light. Microorganisms contained in the so-called “nuclei” in the aerosols are deactivated as soon as they pass through the chamber thanks to a specific wavelength of UV-C light. At these parameters, maximum susceptibility is obtained, that is, the higher germicidal capacity of UV-C radiation ensures a very high performance of the air sanitizing system. The effectiveness of the UvOxy® system has been successfully tested on various types of bacteria and spores that are much more resistant to UV-C radiation, when compared with the Coronavirus family.



For houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, schools, hospitals...

The SanificaAria line has also been designed to meet the needs of air purification of public places such as hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, offices, shops, bars, but also apartments.



Safe for people - Effective even in the presence of air conditioners

The air sanitizing process based on this technology has reached such a level of safety that it can be used even if there are people in the areas to be treated. It is Effective even in the presence of air conditioners.



uvOxy Technology

To reduce air contaminant load without interfering with people’s habits, Beghelli created a technology that replicates and intensifies the natural purifying action of solar radiation, minimizing or eliminating any contaminants. UvOxy® is an air purification system inspired by nature, which uses the technology of a flow cell internally illuminated by an UV-C source, through which is forced the circulation of air that comes out sanitized, keeping the process always effective and respectful of the environment and people.




Laboratory Test

Beghelli products use UV-C sources that irradiate the volume of air treated with enough energy to break down up to *99,9% of microorganisms. Gelt International, scientific consulting company, and Tecnal, UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 accredited laboratory, carried out efficacy tests using various microorganisms such as: Serratia marcescens, Bacillus subtilis, Cladosporium sphaerospermum, as laid down in ISO 15714, since these are particularly resistant to UV rays. Their reduction, expressed as a percentage, is of more than *99,9%. Therefore, it guarantees that the product effectively breaks down a broad range of bacteria, viruses, coronaviruses and other microorganisms.


The range

SanificaAria appliances are avilable in different versions, based on the capacity to purify high amounts of air and to be suitable for medium to large rooms up to 250 sqm (SanificaAria200 Connect) or to be dimensioned to treat rooms up to 50 sqm (SanificaAria30).



The product is classified according to IEC 60335-2-65 standard for air purifiers.


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