Solutions for air sanitization

A complete range against viruses and bacteria

Solutions for air sanitization

The COVID-19 emergency has generated new recommendations to safeguard people's health. Air sanitization is of great importance in this area: a simple filter purifier is not enough, but a treatment that acts directly on bacteria and viruses is needed.


The SanificaAria range is Beghelli's answer to address the issue of the bacteriological and viral load present in the air, thanks to a continuous sanitization system, effective against viruses and bacteria.
This system uses UV-C rays capable of breaking down over 99% of viruses and bacteria, is designed to avoid direct contact with the UV-C source and does not produce Ozone.

UvOxy® technology 
The technology used allows the air to be sanitized through a closed chamber system saturated with UV-C rays. The air, sucked in through a system of fans, is channeled in contact with ultraviolet light, which sanitizes it and puts it back into circulation.
With the exclusive uvOxy® technology, ultraviolet rays are always confined, in complete safety, inside the device, without coming into direct contact with people. Sanitation can therefore be continuous, 24 hours a day, even while people are present in the environment.

Inactive viruses and bacteria over 99%

The antimicrobial efficacy of SanificaAria has been tested by the accredited Tecnal laboratory and by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia; the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua has evaluated its operation in the environment. This confirmed the ability to break down more than 99% of viruses and bacteria, allowing, in certain situations, to reduce the risk of infections caused by infectious agents to approximately zero. Finally, the "Mario Veronesi" - TPM Technopole of Mirandola tested the antiviral activity of the SanificaAria germicide system with the specific viral strain SARS-CoV-2 responsible for the current Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrating an average reduction in the viral load of 2.46 log10 TCID50, corresponding to a reduction of 99.66%.
IMQ, the Italian Quality Mark Institute, carried out the emission measurements of UV-C radiation, verifying the absence of dangerous emissions.
The range 
The SanificaAria range consists of professional sanitizers for rooms from 50 to 250 square meters, which are flanked by luminaires and emergency lighting which, thanks to an exclusive Beghelli patent, integrate the air sanitization function with UV-C technology.
Professional sanitizers
SanificaAria devices are available in two models based on their ability to sanitize large quantities of air and be suitable for rooms up to 250 square meters (SanificaAria200) or be sized to treat environments up to 50 square meters (SanificaAria30).
The air is sucked in through a system of fans and channeled in contact with the ultraviolet light inside SanificaAria, from which it comes out sanitized.
Thanks to the accuracy of construction and a modern and essential design, SanificaAria Beghelli fits perfectly in both the civil and tertiary sectors. Ideal for meeting the sanitation needs of public places such as hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, restaurants, shops, bars, commercial establishments and, of course, domestic homes.

Emergency and Sanitation

Alongside the air sanitization devices, we were the first to design emergency lighting devices that integrate the air sanitization function.

We have used our experience on light to create a solution that contributes to safety and health in public places and in the workplace, counteracting viruses and blackouts at the same time.

Thanks to a miniaturization process, the uvOxy® sanitization system has been added to the latest generation Beghelli luminaires for emergency and signage lighting. They are suitable for areas such as cinemas, theaters, schools, restaurants, bars, gyms, hospitals, industries, offices, shops, the same ones that, for regulatory obligations but primarily for obvious safety reasons, must be equipped with an emergency lighting system.





Lighting and sanitation

UvOxy® technology has also been used in Beghelli lighting systems for the tertiary sector, the public sector and schools. These are hybrid luminaires for ordinary lighting that integrate the UV-C flow cell inside, whose aesthetics are identical to traditional LED panels. It is possible to adjust the speed of the fans and the timing of operation. The range also consists of a recessed luminaire, without light source, to be used only for air sanitization.
To correctly size an air sanitation system you can use the simulator for reducing the risk of contagion in the environment. The result of the calculation is displayed graphically by comparing the risk of contagion in an environment without sanitizers with the risk in the same environment with active SanificaAria devices.

SanificaAria Beghelli application solutions:
reliable, safe and effective in countering the spread of viruses.
For offices, schools, restaurants, bars, shops, gyms, hospitals, industries.


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