11 October 2021

What a show SanificaAria Emergency

Emergency lighting and 2-in-1 Air Sanitization, designed for cinemas, theaters and public places.

The SanificaAria Emergency range is born from the union of the innovative SanificaAria system with our emergency lighting lamps. 
The four latest generation anti black-out devices integrate uvOxy® technology, suitable for public places and ideal for closed environments and / or in the absence of natural ventilation such as cinemas, theaters, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and workplaces. All environments that require high standards of safety and efficacy, even against COVID-19.
SanificaAria's controlled emission UV-C sanitization reduces up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, does not produce Ozone and avoids contact with ultraviolet rays, keeping the process always effective, respecting the environment and above all allowing sanitation continues, even in the presence of people.
Sanitization timing     8, 12, 24 hours a day
UV-C cartridge life    12 months
UvOxy® absorption    10 W
UV-C wavelength    254 nm
UV-C cartridge life     12 months
UvOxy® absorption     10 W
UV-C wavelength 254 nm
Style In SanitizationAir
The speed of sanitation is constant and in the event of a blackout it has an autonomy of 8 hours.
Air Sanitization Practice
It has a sturdy body, LiFe battery and test button. Also in SA / SE version.
Formula 65 Air Sanitization
High luminous flux, up to 1,200 lm and with 3 sanitizing speeds adjustable from the B.Connect App.
Infinita SanificaAria
Adjustment of timing and speed of sanitation from the B. Connect App and from NuBe
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