18 November 2021

Will SanificaAria be the most beautiful in Italy by winning the Compasso d'Oro?

ADI Design Index has selected SanificaAria 30 for design, originality and innovation

Only the products selected by the ADI Design Index compete for the prestigious Compasso d'Oro, the oldest and most authoritative world design award, born in 1954 from an idea by Giovanni “Gio” Ponti.

ADI Design Index selects the works produced in Italy with the best design that stand out for the formal synthesis achieved, the production processes adopted, the materials used but above all for originality and innovation.

More than a year after its debut, SanificaAria Beghelli continues to surprise!

The Permanent Design Observatory on 27 October announced the selected products, including SanificaAria 30, which stands out not only for its minimalist design and suitable for any environment, but also for its functional innovation, appreciating above all the commitment to center the needs of the person. Thanks to UV-C technology, it sanitizes the air by killing over 99% of the viruses and bacteria present. The sanitation process has a level of safety that can take place continuously while people are inside the environment, an important contribution to making living and working environments safer and healthier.
Not only beautiful, above all efficient for air sanitization!
Fotografia del pannello illustrativo di ADI Design Index 2021