Flood Mini
Projector for extreme outdoor conditions
An innovative optical design, generated from efficiency and glare control, where the small size of the body is in antithesis with the intensity of the light beam. In addition, inserting the Radio Home Automation Receiver Interface gives access to all the possibilities of automatisms not usual for this type of fixtures.
  •  Maximum mechanical and chemical resistance.
  •  Luminaire designed to withstand the most extreme outdoor conditions.
  •  Reflector with removable aluminum cell to obtain symmetrical or asymmetrical lighting with one luminaire.
  •  Suitable as both floodlight and reflector.
  •  Possibility of obtaining both symmetrical and asymmetrical light diffusion.
  •  Possibility to inseire the home automation radio receiver and the inverter for emergency
Projector for extreme outdoor conditions
A brand new generation luminaire that combines the advantages of the LED light source with state-of-the-art optical systems, both in terms of performance and great application flexibility. The LED sources, with very high efficiency, used produce unprecedented illuminance that allows the illumination of building facades, or yards, even from a high distance. The screen has a large and uniform emitting area, so much so that it achieves very low luminance, hence very low glare and high visual comfort. Excellent mechanical characteristics (IP66- IK09) allow it to be installed outdoors even in extreme conditions.
An INVERTER for LED is also available that transforms the luminaire into an emergency luminaire SA function, to turn on a section of the LED source in the event of a blackout.
Controlled beam reflector to optimize the management of the light emitted. Symmetrical and asymmetrical optics in one luminaire: the beam becomes asymmetrical to symmetrical simply by exporting part of the optical assembly.
Available accessory DOMOTIC RADIO RECEIVER INTERFACE for remote radio on/off.