Flood Modula M

Projector for extreme outdoor conditions

Floodlight for outdoor lighting or large areas, available in seven optical configurations.
Flood Modula M is equipped with Bluetooth transmitter and is prepared for the insertion of Autodimmer and Radio Module (SD versions). Integrated Modula system with Easy Box shunt box to speed and simplify installation and maintenance. Inside Easy Box Modula there is a terminal block for quick wiring, also, in SD version, it integrates the slot for the quick insertion of various optional Expansion Modules. Adjustable support bracket with goniometric graduation and base offset from the luminaire to fix it without removing the lamp body. Flood, in the version with Reflectors, features protection against electrical discharge and higher efficiencies. Transmission and communication accessories available for SD and 'emergency versions.
  • Applications: industrial, tertiary, hospitals, hotels, schools, gyms, sports fields
  • Installation: wall, floor
  • Body: die-cast aluminum RAL 7040
  • Lens optics: PMMA
  • Reflector optics: polished aluminum antiridescent
  • Screen: tempered glass
Projector for extreme outdoor conditions