Continuity of light at reduced thickness.
Luminaire designed for under-cabinet and indirect lighting for both professional (shopping center, storefronts) and domestic use. The use of high-performance LEDs results in very low power consumption. Available in five sizes, it is equipped with feed-through wiring for series mounting. The series mounting is done by ensuring the continuity of the light emitted, thus avoiding shadow zones between one ruler and another. The adopted system allows the easy joining of individual rullets in a continuous row, with a single feed point (through-wiring with male/female plug) without interrupting the light "line."  In fact, the adopted screen is designed to diffuse the light over the entire length of the luminaire, without creating shadow areas at the joint. Series connection is possible without additional accessories: the connector to the power cable is the same one that ensures the connection with the next module, if any. Each module still maintains independent lighting from those preceding or following it.
Continuity of light at reduced thickness.
On-board CCT adjustment
Color Temperature defines the light appearance of a white LED. CCT is expressed in degrees Kelvin; a warm light is around 3000K, a neutral white around 4000K, and a cool white from 5000 to 6500K. Selecting the appropriate color temperature for each application is a key aspect of luminaire design, but it is not always possible to carry out a proper analysis of the most suitable color temperature in advance that takes into account the use and installation environment. It therefore becomes extremely versatile to be able to change the CCT of the same luminaire in the field by acting on a simple switch, as in the case of RegLED CCT where it is enough to press the power button in succession to obtain the three settable color temperatures: 3000, 4000, 5000K