Logica 230
CTS Control Centres and Sub-Centres
The LG230 control unit is available in many standard configurations ranging from the smallest ST5 to the largest ST24. Furthermore, in order not to lose the great versatility of the system, customised compositions can be made following a specific modular coding that allows you to create your own tailor-made system. Each control unit is therefore integrated inside a metal cabinet that contains all the components foreseen for the system. In the case of complex systems or those divided into different zones, it is recommended to split up the system by means of the appropriate Sub-Power Plants, which are also available in different sizes according to the number of lamps and lines to be supplied. In high power systems, a second cabinet containing the battery pack is provided. The batteries used are 216 Vdc (18x12V) sets with a life expectancy of 10 years at 20°C.
CTS Control Centres and Sub-Centres
Control and monitoring of emergency equipment on the same line but with a different mode of operation:
  • SE mode with switchover to SA mode via external control
  • SE mode with selective activation of the emergency function via external monitoring modules
  • Selective activation of the emergency function via auxiliary inputs - Automatic recognition function of installed lines and lamp control modules
  • Individual monitoring of 32 luminaires per line
  • Automatic execution of functional and autonomy tests
  • Automatic reporting of performed tests
  • Event storage for two years (LOG-BOOK)
Modularity and safety
Each LG230 central unit has a variable number of lines. Each line is capable of controlling up to 32 luminaires. Each output module can control 1 (1380W), 2 (2 x 690W) or 4 (4 x 345W) lines depending on the model. The total number of luminaires per output module may not exceed the total power of the line. The possibility of splitting the emergency lighting supply over several outputs, all of which are individually protected, introduces a new concept of safety and regulatory compliance that is absolutely superior to the standards of centralised emergency lighting systems.