Logica 24
CTS Control Centres and Sub-Centres
Centralised power supply system allowing the management of emergency lighting and signalling lamps using safety extra-low voltage. Diagnostic functions with automatic function and autonomy tests. According to DIN EN 50172 the system is configured in protection class III. During emergency operation, a DC voltage of 24Vdc is supplied. Each luminaire is assigned a specific unique address in self-learning. LOGICA 24 can also be integrated into a BMS (Building Management System) with appropriate software. 

The LG24 Control Centre is available in 2 standard configurations that vary according to the number of lines (4 lines, 8 lines). Each control unit has an autonomy of 1 to 3 hours, corresponding to decreasing powers.
CTS Control Centres and Sub-Centres
  • Control and monitoring of emergency luminaires, common line, different operating modes:
       SA functions: conversion of selected luminaires to permanent mode
       For SA luminaires 10-100% dimmer function
       SE function: conversion of selected luminaires to non-permanent mode
  • Selective activation of SE mode by external input modules in case of partial mains failure
  • Automatic recognition of installed lines and lamp control modules
  • Individual monitoring of 32 lamps per line
  • Automatic execution of functional and autonomy tests
  • Automatic reporting of performed tests
  • Event storage for two years (LOG-BOOK)
  • Reduction in the number of circuits and wiring
  • Reduction in control cabinet size
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Simplified design
  • Increased flexibility both during and after installation
  • Each module and each lamp is equipped with an identification code. No manual addressing is required
  • The LOGICA 24 system requires no control of incorrect or double addressing. As a consequence, any time-consuming troubleshooting is eliminated.