Acciaio Emergenza
LED technology for maximum illuminance
Incredible performance for LED emergency lighting in the service and industrial sectors. With a very high luminous flux, controlled by a 4-cell anti-glare aluminium reflector, Acciaio Emergenza LED is unrivalled in performance.

Its structural robustness, achieved by combining technological materials such as Steel, Technopolymers and micro-prismatic tempered glass, make up a luminaire suitable for installation in particularly harsh conditions, as demonstrated by its ATEX certification and IK09 and IP65 protection ratings.

In addition, the Ice Pack system is easily integrated into the luminaire for installation in extreme environmental conditions, ensuring correct operation over time at temperatures as low as -40°.
LED technology for maximum illuminance
Acciaio Emergenza LED is the answer to the demand for high-tech products for heavy-duty applications in high-risk areas. The steel body and glass screen boast excellent resistance both mechanically (IK09) and to aggressive chemical agents. In the industrial field, it is ideally suited for installations in environments with explosive atmospheres, caused by both gaseous alterations and the presence of combustible dust suspended in air (as per ATEX Standard 2014/34/EU for zones 02 and 22).
The optical system consists of a reflector divided into 4 cells for optimal light distribution, and a special micro-prismatic glass with very high light transmittance for improved visual comfort.
Acciaio Emergenza LED is also suitable for heavy-duty use outdoors directly exposed to the weather: it is designed to withstand the mechanical vibrations and electromagnetic disturbances typical of industrial environments. Thanks to special steel brackets, the luminaire can be oriented as required. A suitable accessory, to be ordered separately, heats the battery and makes installation possible in locations with ambient temperatures as low as -40°C.
An additional AUTORIPARA battery can be added to increase luminous flux up to 1800lm.
Luminaire characterised by high mechanical and chemical resistance and a luminous flux of up to 1800 lm.
Reflector with 4 separate anti-glare cells and microprismatic glass screen with high light transmission.
Easy installation with steel hooks, quick access to the wiring system.
Applications: Industrial, high-risk areas also with explosive atmosphere, outdoor
Charging time: 12h with LiFe battery
Heads: PC+PBT technopolymer
Accessory to keep the battery warm even in very low temperature situations (down to -40°C). Ice Pack is controlled by an electronic circuit that maintains a constant battery temperature.
Devices available with the following control systems:
CT - CentralTest autoalimentati 
Diagnosi centralizzata nativa Cablecom per l’immediato collegamento con una Centrale CentralTest. Moduli aggiuntivi per espansione a LG, LGFM e DALI
CTS - CentralSystem alimentazione centralizzata
Batterie e diagnosi centralizzate per apparecchi rinnovati, disponibili in versione 230Vdc, ma anche in versione 24Vac, garantendo la massima sicurezza dell’impianto
HT - Da rete 230V o soccorritore / sistema DALI
Apparecchi alimentati da tensione di rete, soccorritori, sistemi LG230, controllo DALI (HT-DALI)