Design - ArchiEco
Paintable and environmentally friendly emergency luminaire
The new emergency line intended for the world of lighting designers. An innovative concept that allows installed fixtures to "disappear" thanks to a surface treatment that allows them to be painted, even with normal masonry paints.
In addition, the ArchitecturalEco line, maintains a reduced environmental impact thanks to the use of completely renewable materials, recycled raw materials or biodegradable and compostable materials such as PHA, a polymer of organic origin.
Architectural Eco: clean and elegant design lines with surface that can be painted along with the wall, made from recyclable and partly compostable materials.
Paintable and environmentally friendly emergency luminaire
Suitable for both ceiling and wall installations.
The optical scheme is realized by a double reflection system to achieve an intense and diffuse beam with a soft effect.
Applications: Tertiary and civil, including in design situations where special care is required to reduce the aesthetic impact of emergency lighting.
Luminaires available with the following control systems:
TR - Traditional
LED battery check and possibility of autonomy adjustment (1h-3h)