Logica LED
The technological future of centralized emergency
Logica Beghelli is the perfect technological expression of LED emergency lighting. A body specifically studied to guarantee IP65 protection, realised on a modern and rational design.

A fixing system with a quick bracket, to guarantee great speed of installation.

Particular care has been taken in the study of the reflector: with the aid of the latest generation of optical design software, the peculiar characteristics of LED lighting have been optimised by synthesising a minimal geometric shape that still allows total control of light reflections. Maximum performance in terms of both average flux and illuminance uniformity and size.
The technological future of centralized emergency
Luminous flux up to over 2,000 lm, and adjustable autonomy. Titanium battery with fast recharge, 10-year life and extreme working temperatures.
Great flexibility thanks to multiple versions and accessories for all installation requirements. Pictograms included.
Quick-fit bracket useful for reducing installation and maintenance time. Integrates level bubble in luminaire body.
Applications: Industrial, Tertiary, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants
Charging time: 12h with LTO battery
Devices available with the following control systems:
CT - Self-powered CentralTest
Native Cablecom centralised diagnostics for immediate connection to a CentralTest centre. Add-on modules for expansion to LG, LGFM and DALI
CTS - CentralSystem centralised power supply
Centralised batteries and diagnostics for refurbished luminaires, available in 230Vdc version, but also in 24Vac version, guaranteeing maximum system safety
HT - From 230V mains or rescuer / DALI system
Mains-powered luminaires, rescuers, LG230 systems, DALI control (HT-DALI)