Metrica LED
The technological future of centralized emergency
Featuring particularly sophisticated electronic technology, Metrica LED also comes in a centralized (LG) version that automatically configures itself into an Autotest (AT) version when not connected to a control unit. With an accessory, the luminaire can be transformed from LG to LGFM. With this technology, immediate verification of the efficiency of the appliance is possible. The circuit also makes it possible to customize the luminaire according to the need for use, adjusting autonomy (1h/1.5h/3h) and in SA it is possible to switch it to PS version, adjusting the intensity of the light according to the needs of the type of public establishment. The latter opportunity is a winner where the safety signage becomes the only visible element.

The Autoripara Battery accessory allows, when added to the primary battery, to double autonomies or increase flows. LED light source with beam-controlled lens for installations with spacing between luminaires up to more than 17 meters. Removing the lens changes the light beam making the luminaire suitable for overhead installations. LTO battery enables its extreme operating temperatures.
The technological future of centralized emergency
Luminous flux up to 1250lm and adjustable autonomy, equipped with Titanium battery with fast charging, 10 years of service life and extreme working temperatures.
Optics designed to direct the light beam toward the ground. Standard mounts an additional beam-controlled lens designed for escape routes. By removing the lens, the beam width is ideal for over door installations.
Applications: Tertiary also for applications in design environments
Charging time: 12h
Devices available with the following control systems:
CT - CentralTest self-powered  
Cablecom native centralized diagnostics for immediate connection with a CentralTest Central Unit. Additional modules for expansion to LG, LGFM and DALI
CTS - CentralSystem centralized power supply
Centralized batteries and diagnostics for refurbished luminaires, available in 230Vdc version, but also in 24Vac version, ensuring maximum system safety
HT - From 230V mains or rescuer / DALI system
Mains-powered luminaires, rescuers, LG230 systems, DALI control (HT-DALI)