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LED emergency luminaire
Luminaire for emergency lighting, suitable for installation in the tertiary sector. Symmetrical optics for both surface-mounted and wall-mounted installations.
Due to the availability of very high autonomy, the luminaire is particularly suitable for areas subject to prolonged blackouts (up to 8 h).
LED emergency luminaire
Recessed-ready fixture with autonomy of up to more than 8h.
The wide range of accessories allows one luminaire to be used for recessed, flag and plasterboard.
For flush-mount installation, a box is provided; for surface-mount installation, the body is prepared with numerous pre-fired inlets to allow conduit entry from all directions.
Applications: Tertiary, commercial activities, stores, restaurants, offices
Charging time: 12h with LiFe battery
Devices available with the following control systems:
TR - Traditional
​​​​​​​LED battery check and autonomy adjustment option (1h-3h)