Ticinque TuttoLED
Illuminance for large spaces
When luminous flux makes a difference Ticinque LED comes into play.
Thanks to the large surface area of the double-reflection dish integrating two series of high-efficiency LEDs, the emission of "useful light" is at the top of the category ensuring the correct illuminance for large commercial environments.

The body structure is also designed for industrial installations, there are also ample connection possibilities with both plain and corrugated tubes on the four sides of the luminaire, all with IP65 protection rating.
Ticinque TuttoLED is Beghelli's solution for all installations that require high autonomy. The adoption of LED technology allows a drastic reduction in consumption and therefore a significant increase in autonomy (up to more than 5 hours). 

Installation: Wall, Ceiling, facilitated by the separation in a single operation of the reflector/diffuser block from the housing.
Illuminance for large spaces
Autonomy up to 5h, flux up to 400lm.
Available in both IP42 and IP65, by installing pictograms the visibility distance is 25m.
Equipped with PG16/20 quick connector and IP Plug membranes for quick connections on all 4 sides.
Applications: Industrial, Tertiary
Charging time: 12h
Devices available with the following control systems:
TR - Traditional
LED battery check and autonomy adjustment option (1h-3h)