LED technology, high strength: top performance, small footprint, more functions
UpLED is a fixture capable of meeting of a very wide range of needs (6 to 36W, SE-SA-RM, 1-2-3h autonomy). The product concept focuses on an optical system based on 4 precision lenses that can make the most of the full power of the latest generation of LEDs. The main feature of UpLED is the very high illuminance, produced with very small dimensions. The 24-36W version achieves 450 lumens in less than 20 mm thickness.
With a view to multi-functionality, UpLED is the first sign luminaire with the possibility of applying two signs of different sizes to the same product so as to achieve visibility distances (DV) of 20 or 30 m. This system, totally innovative for the world of safety signage, is designed both to illuminate the signal powerfully and uniformly, but also to direct a light beam to the ground creating an illuminated area at the emergency exit above which the luminaire is placed. Last but not least, the mechanical result: despite its minimalist appearance, and the smallest dimensions in its category, thanks also to the adoption of O-ring fastening systems both on the entire luminaire body and in the connection accessories,
UpLED ensures IP65 degree of protection and IK07 impact resistance over time.
LED technology, high strength: top performance, small footprint, more functions
Emergency lighting fixture characterized by great flexibility of use. With less than 20mm thickness, a strong and innovative aesthetic impact has been achieved. Compactness, high performance, installation flexibility and IP65 degree of protection make the UP-LED an ideal luminaire for any type of installation. Available in SE and SA versions, each code has the possibility to select the autonomy (1h, 2h, 3h) by changing the outgoing flux. The entire range is equipped with all accessories for conversion to signage with 20m and 30m visibility.
Compact design with only 2 cm thickness. Luminous flux up to 450 lm. Version with fast-charging Titanium Battery (LTO), 10-year service life and extreme working temperatures.
Adjustable autonomy from 1.5 to 8 h. All accessories for special installations such as three-phase track kit available.
Optical system with 4 transparent lenses to maximize illuminance. Version 824 installs opal lenses for more diffuse illumination.
Applications: Industrial, tertiary, hospitals, schools, civil
Charging time: 12h with LTO battery
Devices available with the following control systems:
TR - Traditional
LED battery check and autonomy adjustment option (1h-3h)
AT - AutoTest
Local diagnosis (battery, source, circuit) and adjustable autonomy by acting on the circuit (1h-3h) or from App B.connect (1h-1.5h-2h-3h-8h)
CT - CentralTest self-powered
Native Cablecom centralized diagnostics for immediate connection to a CentralTest Central Unit. Add-on modules for expansion to LG, LGFM and DALI