Emergency and step marker in a very small space
Fruttoluce is designed with a complete standard equipment that allows installation within the most popular civil series while maintaining high lighting characteristics in a very small space by occupying only one 503 box module.
Fruttoluce is an emergency lighting fixture that can also be activated as permanent lighting, ideal for both residential and tertiary applications. The presence of a rear dip switch allows switching between SE mode and SA mode as needed. In addition, an induced light reading photosensor allows automatic activation of the luminaire in SA mode as soon as the ambient light threshold is lowered, activating the "night" mode. The characteristic parabola is designed to direct all the light produced to the ground with maximum uniformity, avoiding glare phenomena toward people in the environment.


Emergency and step marker in a very small space
Civil emergency system with modules of various sizes.
Light photosensor for automatic activation in night mode. Removable 3-fruit version.
Triple reflective system for illumination, status LED display, and photosensor activation in mode protected from other artificial sources.
Each fixture is equipped with adapters for installation on the most popular civil series.
Applications: Tertiary and civilian, for emergency lighting that marker or night lamp
Installations: Wall as step marker, Wall as night lamp, Wall as emergency lighting

TRADITIONAL emergency systems
TR -
TRADITIONAL self-powered luminaires with only local diagnosis on batteries (Battery Control System).
Fruttoluce 3