Inverter LED PlugLight
Immediate connection to SD devices
The Plug & Light system marks the new frontier for inverters for integration of the emergency unit in lighting devices. The system is the evolution of the new Beghelli philosophy that was first presented with the Smart Drivers, innovative power suppliers that can be customized according to specific needs by connecting the various intelligent modules (domotic radio module, autodimmer, Dali, Grande Esco Energy Counter), and in the same spirit, includes the Plug & Light Inverter. This inverter is immediately connected thanks to the rapid insertion connector that can be directly inserted in the Driver SD for devices where it is present. The system was developed to make installation of the inverter faster without compromising the features and the regularity conformity of the device in which it is installed as no wiring is required. Connection takes only a few seconds. In addition, the compact cabinet also includes the battery pack eliminating the problem of the siting and attachment of the power source during emergency functioning.  
Immediate connection to SD devices
Inverter based on Plug&Light patented technology, equipped with a rapid connector that is compatible with SD (Smart Driver) that comes as standard in all the devices in the Stella Polare LED range. The inverter cabinet incorporates the battery pack and features a cable cover for use removed from the device, such as in the case of Led Panel or Down light LED, where it is housed in the false ceiling. The system includes the Battery Control System (BCS) with multi-color LED signaling system to show battery status, and is compatible with all LED devices equipped with SELV certified drivers to which it can be quickly connected using the fast universal terminal board. The Plug&Light system guarantees the highest level of performance (for example when installed on BS 100 LED it provides emergency power of 407 Im), constant output power and complete maintenance of the conformity features of the Smart Driver device that it is connected to.