Multi Lens
The most beautiful lamp is the one you can't see
A revolutionary luminaire in conceptual terms that seems to express a historical thought of minimalist architecture: "The most beautiful lamp is the one that cannot be seen." The perfect embodiment of this concept finds innumerable feedbacks especially in terms of the maximum reduction in the number of luminaires and the luminaire's visible size: only 12 cm in diameter and a few millimeters thick. The luminaire is also innovative in its multifunctional appearance; choosing from the various lenses provided radically changes the shape and size of the illuminated area.

High-performance emergency lighting fixture with special high-transparency PMMA lens kit for both Lungaluce and Largaluce versions supplied to obtain different sizes of the illuminated area. Each lens includes a white polycarbonate aesthetic mask with locking system for various types of false ceiling. High-efficiency LED, body with integrated graphite-filled Polyamide heat sink.
The most beautiful lamp is the one you can't see
Minimal aesthetic impact and high performance with 10-year warranty.
A single device for both escape routes up to 12m and panic areas up to 90sqm. Adjustable autonomy from 1 to 8h.
Three interchangeable lenses provided for installations from 3 to 7m. high, with different light beams.
Springs for quick attachment to suspended ceiling.
Recessed hole ΓΈ60 mm.
Applications: Tertiary, offices, cinemas, hotels, schools, stores, malls, showrooms
Charging time: 12h
Devices available with the following control systems:
TR - Traditional
LED battery check and possibility of autonomy adjustment (1h-3h)
AT - AutoTest
Local diagnosis (battery, source, circuit) and adjustable autonomy by acting on the circuit (1h-3h) or from App B.connect (1h-1.5h-2h-3h-8h)
CT - CentralTest self-powered 
Cablecom native centralized diagnosis for immediate connection with a CentralTest Central Unit. Additional modules for expansion to LG, LGFM and DALI
CTS - CentralSystem centralized power supply
Centralized batteries and diagnostics for refurbished luminaires, available in 230Vdc version, but also in 24Vac version, ensuring maximum system safety
HT - From 230V mains or rescuer / DALI system
Mains-powered luminaires, rescuers, LG230 systems, DALI control (HT-DALI)