Emergency lighting spotlight with high mechanical strength

Emergency lighting fixture characterized by high mechanical strength.
Because of the downward-facing type of light emission, it can also be used for accent lighting on stairs, fire extinguishers, or other sensitive places.
High-power LED with light guide. Two supplied lenses easily interchangeable, one with asymmetrical light distribution, the other with symmetrical distribution (area illumination with 0.5 lx).
Quick wall installation.
Emergency lighting spotlight with high mechanical strength
Body Powder-coated stainless steel, white RAL 9010 Highly transparent PMMA lens Compliance EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-22, EN 60598-2-2, EN 62034, UNI EN 1838, UNI 11222, EN 60598-2-22
Applications: Industrial, tertiary, warehouses, schools, hospitals, stores, malls, offices
Recharge time: 12h
Devices available with the following control systems:
CT - CentralTest self-powered 
Cablecom native centralized diagnosis for immediate connection with a CentralTest Central Unit. Additional modules for expansion to LG, LGFM and DALI CTS - CentralSystem centralized power supply
CTS - CentralSystem centralized power supply
Centralized batteries and diagnostics for refurbished luminaires, available in 230Vdc version, but also in 24Vac version, ensuring maximum safety of the system
HT - From 230V mains or rescuer / DALI system
Mains-powered luminaires, rescuers, LG230 systems, DALI control (HT-DALI)