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Remote home alarm system with flood detector
Salvalavita Home Beghelli is a device that can send emergency telephone calls by simply pressing the red button on the device or the one on the supplied remote control. In automatic mode, a text-to-speech message, indicating the cause and origin of the alarm, is sent to up to 8 telephone numbers preset by the user. The call is repeated until it is answered by a user. The device can also be connected to the Beghelli SOS Center*, which operates on a 24-hour nationwide basis. The Beghelli SOS Center, upon receiving the alarms, will activate the intervention procedures agreed upon with the customer.
The device must be connected to the 230V mains and the telephone line. Through the rechargeable battery with which it is equipped, Salvalavita Home is able to function even in the event of a temporary power failure. 
The flood detector included in the package that installs in minutes without having to lay of electrical cables.

*Caution: In the presence of digital telephone line (fiber/adsl/gsm), Salvalavita Home cannot be connected to Beghelli SOS Center so alarms can only be sent to personal telephone contacts. Compatibility of the connection with the Call Center is guaranteed only in case of a traditional telephone line.
Remote home alarm system with flood detector
Centro Salvalavita
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For more than two decades we have been turning distance into proximity. 
Active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you in an emergency through certified and proven procedures that ensure a surprise-free experience. When paired with a device with a geolocation function, the operator will be able to pinpoint the location of the device and provide that data, along with other information already in his or her possession (the client's personal and health data), to the health service, which can intervene quickly and accurately.

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