Salvalavita Watch GSM
GSM clock for quick distress calls via SIM CARD (New version)
GSM watch suitable for the elderly and anyone who wants to feel safe in daily activities when alone or in isolated places. It allows you to launch calls and SMS to multiple phone numbers simultaneously by simply pressing the red Lifesaver button for 2 seconds, also communicating the location obtained through wifi/GSM networks and GPS signal (if under coverage).  A subscription to 24-hour Salvalavita Center services for emergency management can be activated (optional).
Sensore di caduta
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Fall sensor
GSM clock for quick distress calls via SIM CARD (New version)
Main features:
  • Sends CALLS and SMS NOTIFICATIONS to multiple numbers simultaneously (up to 9).
  • Thanks to the built-in GPS, in case of alarm, it DETECTS THE LOCATION and communicates it by SMS
  • SPEAKERPHONE function in case of alarm and to answer calls
  • Fall sensor with AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION of distress call
  • "Remember events" function (medicines, visits, etc.)
  • "Location Check" function (Enabled users can at any time request the location of Beghelli Watch GSM and receive a link on their smartphone to view its location on a map)
  • Works with Nano SIM card (not included)
  • Dust-resistant
  • Product is not water resistant
  • Equipped with rechargeable battery and charger
Nano SIM
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The product requires Nano SIM card with voice and SMS traffic (SIM not included in the package).
Centro Salvalavita
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For more than two decades we have been turning distance into proximity. 
Active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you in an emergency through certified and proven procedures that ensure a surprise-free experience. When paired with a device with a geolocation function, the operator will be able to pinpoint the location of the device and provide that data, along with other information already in his or her possession (the client's personal and health data), to the health service, which can intervene quickly and accurately.

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