Es-master solar battery
High security solar battery
The es-Master energy storage module, which can be used with either the single-phase or three-phase inverter, has a capacity of 5.8kWh with integrated BMS.
Can be supplemented with a further three es-slave battery modules for a total nominal capacity of 46.1kWh with use of BMS.
High security solar battery
  • Highly reliable Lithium Iron (LiFePO4) batteries with BMS
  • Service life greater than 6000 cycles (more than 16 years with one cycle per day)
  • Optimised for operation with single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverters
  • Intelligent management to avoid battery over-discharge
  • Light bar with charge and operating status indicator
  • Floor or wall mounting
  • Wall mounting brackets, cables and connectors included
Nominal voltage 115.2
Operating voltage [V] 100~131
Battery type LiFePO4
Nominal capacity [kWh] 5.8
Usable capacity [kWh] 5.1
Battery charging/discharging efficiency 95%
Standard power [kW] 2.8
Maximum power [kW] 4.0
Recommended charge/discharge current [A] 25
Maximum charge/discharge current [A] 35
Maximum Discharge Depth (DOD) 90%
Charge/discharge cycles >6000 cycles
Warranty [Year] 10
Available operating temperature range [°C] 0~55
Operating temperature range at full load [°C] 5~48
Humidity [%] 5~95
Altitude [m] Under 2000
Protection IP55
Inverter to BMS communication interface CAN2.0
Battery to battery/BMS RS485
Data Collection Port / FW UPDATE CAN2.0
Reset Button
ON/OFF switch Button*1+ switch*1
Security CE/TUV(IEC62619)/UL1973/FCC/UN38.3
Transport classification UN3840
Classification of hazardous materials Classe 9
Test requirement for transport UN38.3
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 474x708x193
Weight [kg] 72.2 
Up to 4 battery packs can be composed, one of which must be mastered with BMS

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