Product recall actions

Salvalavita Watch GSM

We are recalling model 2020/21 code 3320 from the market.

In response to a report, it was found that in extremely rare cases, a lithium battery leakage defect could occur during the life of the product, which could cause burn hazards to users. Voluntarily, we have decided as a precautionary measure, to recall from the market Salvalavita Watch GSM model 2020/21 with code 3320.

Product safety and quality have always been Beghelli's main goals. For this reason, all our products are tested and approved in accordance with current European safety regulations.

If you are in possession of a GSM Lifesaver Watch with code 3320, please discontinue its use and contact us toll-free at 800 626 626 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. or use the support request form. Customer service will take action by providing you with the necessary information to replace the recalled product with a new replacement. Of course, the costs will be borne by us and no receipts or proof of purchase will be required.
How to recognize it?
This is the first model of GSM Lifesaver Watch that we have produced, it is recognizable by the red circular SOS button and the silver side button.
Salvalavita Watch GSM richimato