Case study
13 October 2022

Efficiency enhancement project Milan Fair and MiCo (Italy)

Energy efficiency in Milan Fair exhibition/congress centres

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Fiera Milano is Italy's most important trade fair and congress operator and is also one of the most modern, functional and extensive exhibition centres in the world, with 400,000 square metres indoors and 60,000 square metres outdoors.

The installation of the new lighting provided by the Beghelli Group is part of the investments planned by the Fiera Milano Foundation (owner of the exhibition complex) aimed at increasing the sustainability of its trade fair and congress infrastructures: in Rho, just a few kilometres from the centre of Milan, the ultra-modern Fiera Milano district; in the city, Europe's largest congress centre, MiCo, Milano Congressi.
In recent years, the Fiera Milano Group has adopted a specific policy aimed at progressively improving the environmental performance of its activities, including the pursuit of maximum energy efficiency of the systems used at the exhibition centres. One of the main items of energy consumption comes from the electricity used for lighting the exhibition areas.


The efficiency work began in 2016 and will be completed during 2018.
The lighting fixtures of sixteen pavilions in the Rho exhibition centre - a total surface area of 294,000 square metres - were replaced with Beghelli devices using LED technology.  - with Beghelli LED technology devices of sufficient power to guarantee the same level of illuminance, allowing significant energy savings.
The existing system consisted of 3456 400W metal halide projectors (consumption 430W/cad), which operated about 5,000 h/year. The total power absorbed by the installation was approximately 1486 kW (5.05 W/sqm) for an estimated annual consumption of 7,430,400 kWh, equal to an estimated annual energy expenditure of 1,114,560 euro (energy cost 0.15 euro/kWh).

Beghelli F400ASD LED projectors with asymmetric optics were used in the new installation. The installation involved blocks of 4 downward-facing luminaires, fixed on a support bracket and then on a pole, in order to illuminate a large area even at a height of over 12 metres. The installation was realised with the objective of maintaining the same number of lighting points as the existing one, recovering the power supplies in order to significantly reduce the costs of adapting the electrical system. A lighting engineering calculation was therefore developed to verify compliance with the standard values (UNI EN12464). Specifically, 3456 projectors were installed suspended on existing supports at heights of 8.4 and 12 m. The total power absorbed by the new system is 794.88 kW, approximately 2.70 W/sqm. For an estimated annual consumption of 3,974,400 kWh, equal to an estimated annual energy expenditure of 596,160 euro.


The project also involved the Fieramilanocity exhibition centre, with the replacement of 1309 lighting fixtures in various areas: in the internal exhibition area of pavilion 3 with a height of 12 metres, 491 Beghelli H250SD led reflectors have been installed; in the balcony of pavilion 3 where there are rooms and service areas such as bars, restaurants and offices, 139 watertight ceiling lights with BS100 LED technology 258SD have been used; in pavilion 4 with an internal height of 6.5 metres, 498 Beghelli H250SD led reflectors have been positioned 240 Beghelli H250SD LED reflectors have been installed in the external driveways of pavilions 3 and 4; finally, 66 Beghelli FH70SD projectors, 10 F400ASD projectors for junction lighting and 4 S250EXSD LED street lights have been installed in the circular ramps leading to the MiCo - Milano Congressi external driveways.

All the interventions carried out did not change the positional configuration, the existing lighting fixtures were removed and replaced with an equal number of new LED technology fixtures.