13 March 2023

Electrical blackouts: solutions for workplace safety

Emergency and signage lighting is essential to safeguard people's safety

Technical problems, short circuits, overloads of the electricity network, there are many causes that can cause a blackout, with serious consequences for people's safety. For this reason, emergency systems are of fundamental importance, guaranteeing reserve lighting to end the activities in progress and safety lighting to evacuate the premises without risk to people.


Luminous emergency signs can be found in almost all the places we frequent: in cinemas, underground car parks, workplaces, inside public buildings or shopping centres. According to Italian law, when ordinary lighting fails, the auxiliary emergency lighting is immediately activated, powered by an independent energy source. The signs must necessarily be understandable to anyone, since, in the event that a dangerous situation occurs, they must indicate the closest escape route.


Despite the fact that the law contemplates numerous prescriptions on emergency lighting, irregular situations, with inefficient and obsolete systems, are not uncommon. Precisely for this reason, legislative measures have recently been approved which provide for more restrictive obligations regarding maintenance and checks and more stringent procedures for the maintenance, overhaul and testing of safety lighting systems in order to guarantee their operational efficiency.



Beghelli's emergency lighting products have made great strides in recent years in terms of lighting performance, sustainability, battery life and aesthetics. In fact, LED technology has improved its reliability in terms of duration, with performances that are enormously superior to those of any other lighting source, a fundamental aspect for products that are "forgotten" once installed. The benefits in terms of efficiency are also fundamental, since the LED is not 'gluttonous' from an energy point of view and can be used in a targeted way, as a point source that allows you to create sophisticated optics that concentrate the light only where it is needed. As for the battery, the only source of energy in the event of a blackout, the titanium dioxide battery (LTO) ensures maximum efficiency even in extreme environmental and work conditions and also gives the appliances unique performance in terms of duration and reliability, first of all the high recharging speed  which allows to obtain 80% of the autonomy after only 2 hours of recharging, then the functioning at extreme temperatures. Finally, the advent of LEDs has made it possible to create luminaires that are better integrated into spaces thanks to their refined aesthetics and smaller dimensions than in the past. Integration becomes maximum in the case of ArchiEco luminaires, equipped with a surface treatment that allows them to be painted with normal wall paint. The luminaires "disappear" into the wall, however, ready to perform their fundamental function when necessary.



Modula easy box apparecchio emergenza
The Beghelli Group, the Italian leader in the emergency lighting sector, offers a wide range of products which includes emergency lights and products for signaling emergency exits.
The latest significant innovation is Pratica Modula and Modula Matrix, luminaires that are installed thanks to the revolutionary Modula Easy box "junction bracket", a quick bracket that incorporates a multifunctional junction box, in which there is all the space needed for system wiring, making it possible to reduce installation times by 50%. The system allows the installation and maintenance of the lamp without disassembling the fixture and includes a wide range of accessories, as well as the possibility of programming the autonomy and flux, for maximum versatility of use.