29 September 2022

Modula: the "junction bracket" that simplifies life

All the space needed for the system wiring avoiding additional junction boxes

From today in the world of electrical systems there is a great novelty, a design innovation aimed at radically changing the way of installing an emergency lighting fixture.
Modula Beghelli is a bracket that incorporates a multifunctional junction box, i.e. a quick bracket in which there is all the space needed for the system wiring, so that it is not necessary to position the traditional junction boxes to connect the lamp.
Modula is both a bracket and a junction box, a single object that allows you to reduce installation times by 50%.

Furthermore, it makes it possible to carry out any type of wiring, including through wiring, to connect pipes, cable glands and conduits of all kinds.
The "junction bracket" is made up of two parts: one that can be used in the tertiary sector (IP65 or IP42) and the other of larger dimensions suitable for use in the industrial sector (IP65). The assembly is facilitated by the presence of an integrated level bubble, which further speeds up the operations.
Thanks to the removable terminal block, the wiring of the cables is also simplified.
The luminaires are installed on the junction bracket with extreme simplicity through an effective snap-action mechanical and electrical connection system: the snap-locking and unlocking also make any maintenance operations quick and easy.
A modular system that is extremely easy to install
Modula is so called because it was designed for ease of installation and modularity. In fact, it allows immediate access to the technical compartment of the appliance, allowing you to manage and modify its functions, without having to open the appliance itself.

All the necessary programming can be carried out inside the bracket, including the adjustment of autonomy (1h - 1.5h - 2h - 3h), of the luminous flux emitted (including HT versions) and setting the type of emergency operation ( IF or SA).
Also inside the Modula box it is also possible to connect different "modules" to vary the diagnosis and data communication system. By inserting the relative module, the same emergency luminaire can switch from Cablecom to Logica LG, Logica FM, DALI, or from a control system for self-powered luminaires (CT) or a control system with centralized battery (CTS).
In Modula there is also space for an additional Booster battery which increases the luminous flux by up to 50% or, when necessary, can replace the primary battery of the luminaire if it is exhausted or damaged.
Modula can integrate the Orma Module, a laser micro-projector that projects an adjustable bright green arrow onto the ground to indicate escape routes, and the Light Module above the door, a white light micro-projector designed to highlight the escape route below.
Pratica Modula and Modula Matrix are the emergency luminaires that are installed with the Modula "junction bracket".