Case study
20 September 2022

Restoration work Vatican Museums (Papal State)

Energy Efficiency Vatican Museums on an exhibition area of 710 sqm

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The new installation was realised using 110 53W LED spotlights and 48 2x5W LED spotlights.
In order to meet the lighting needs requested by the client, the new installation consists of two types of products:
  • the lighting of the gallery has changed from direct to indirect and has been realised using 110 adjustable 53W zoom led spotlights placed on the cornices, in a position not visible from below, suitably spaced and inclined to uniformly illuminate the vault and the dome: the result is an extremely natural lighting effect of the environment;
  • the direct lighting of the niches is provided by 48 2x5W adjustable LED zoom spotlights, also installed on the cornices and protruding from them, oriented so as to point each niche from two points.
The total power absorbed by the new system is 6.31 kW (8.89W/sqm) with an estimated consumption of 15,775 kWh/year (about 2,500 h/year of operation)