BS UNO Modula

High-performance lighting fixture with Modula Easy Box junction bracket

BS UNO is equipped with Autodimmer and Bluetooth transmitter (SD versions). Integrated Modula system with branch bracket to carry out installation and maintenance without opening the unit. The branch bracket integrates level bubble and a removable terminal block for quick wiring, also can hold various optional Expansion Modules. Extensive accessories for Bluetooth SD versions and to realize the various emergency versions.


  • Quick installation and maintenance with Modula Easy Box branch bracket
  •  rd versions, with manually adjustable flow/power in 4 steps.
  • Anti-glare screen with perimeter microprism.
  • Polycarbonate body, RAL 7035 gray Opal polycarbonate screen, with anti-glare perimeter optical diffuser.
  • Applications Industrial, tertiary, civil, hospitals, hotels, schools, offices Installations Wall, ceiling, electrified bar, suspension.
High-performance lighting fixture with Modula Easy Box junction bracket


4-step adjustable power supply system for maximum flexibility of use thanks to an electronic power supply equipped with switches for modulating the LED supply current giving the luminaire great installation versatility.


Optimization of Energy Saving by varying the Luminous Flux through the 4 positions of the Switch

The device is supplied with maximum flow adjustment (STEP 4).

The lighting system must take into account both the need for Illuminance determined by the lighting calculation and the need to contain energy consumption. BS UNO RD (Dimmable) allows this to be achieved through a driver equipped with a switch with 4 current modulation steps so as to ensure maximum luminous efficiency, and therefore maximum energy savings, while respecting the luminous flux determined at the design stage.


Bs UNO Modula