Pratica Modula
Innovative luminaire with integrated Modula system
Behind the clean and rational design of the Pratica Modula lies the innovation of the Modula Easy box. A revolutionary system consisting of a shunt bracket that allows programming and wiring without dismantling the luminaire, and much more...
  •  Integrated Modula system with shunt bracket for programming, installation and maintenance without opening the luminaire.
  •  Extensive accessories and programming of autonomy and flow for maximum versatility of use.
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Do you know the Modula system?
With the revolutionary Modula Easy Box branch bracket, you can perform programming and wiring without disassembling the device.
Innovative luminaire with integrated Modula system
Dettaglio Modula
Wiring of the Modula fixtures is done in the preliminary stage inside a quick branch bracket to be fixed to the wall. Next, the lamp is inserted onto the bracket with a snap-lock.
Brevetto Modula
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  • Up to 8 pre-fired inputs for hollow tubes or control units
  • Removable terminal block
  • Snap lock
  • Level bubble
integrated Modula branch bracket, practical and quick to install.
Modula: ieri e oggi
Available control systems.
In accordance* our emergency devices are available in different control modes.
  • TR - Traditional
    Battery check LED and possibility of adjusting the range on the circuit (1h-3h).
  • AT - Auto test
    Local diagnosis (battery, source, circuit) and adjustable autonomy by acting on the circuit (1h-3h) or from App B.connect (1h-1.5h-2h-3h-8h)
  • CT - Self-powered central testingNative Cablecom centralized diagnostics for immediate connection to a CentralTest Central Unit. Add-on modules for expansion to LG, LGFM and DALI
  • CTS - Central system centralized power supply
    Centralized batteries and diagnostics for refurbished equipment, available in 230Vdc version, but also in 24Vac version, ensuring maximum system safety.
  • HT - From 230V mains or rescuer/DALI systemMains-powered luminaires, rescuers, LG230 systems, DALI control (HT-DALI)
 *Compliance with EN 50171, EN 50172, EN 62040-1-1, EN 62040-2.
B Connect
Emergency becomes smart with Beghelli App and Cloud.
B Connect
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The App that allows you to access the device, control panel and NuBe platform through a secure connection facilitated by reading the QR code.
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Our Cloud gives you access to all your facilities, allows you to manage and monitor lighting and emergency lighting, both self-powered and centralized battery luminaires.
The perfect combination for intelligent lighting management through technology.

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