Salvalavita Phone SLV30-GPS Plus
The GSM phone with quick distress call, location and drop sensor.
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Easy-to-use phone with Salvalavita button that, when pressed for 2 seconds, launches hands-free calls and SMS to 9 previously set emergency numbers while also sending the location. In addition, authorized smartphones can check the phone's location at any time. You can activate a subscription to the Lifesaving Center services (optional), and by inserting a TF memory card (max 32GB, not included), you can use the camera.
 The GSM phone with quick distress call, location and drop sensor.
For your daily safety.
SLV30 GPS Plus* uses two technologies for location tracking, one uses phone cells and WiFi while the second, more accurate technology uses the GPS signal.
When the fall sensor** detects a strong acceleration of movement and later an abrupt impact, it then sends two SMS alerts with the phone's location link. For faster rescue, the cell phone calls, operating the hands-free mode, all the numbers in the phonebook until someone answers the call. 
A simple text message to locate your loved ones in case of need.
For added security, it is possible to enable the Location Check function; the phone will send its location to enabled numbers when it receives an SMS containing the text "LOC."

SLV30 GPS Plus is the phone that combines geolocation with the main features of our cell phones such as large numbers, vibration, camera, speed dial keys, SMS, flashlight, FM radio, calculator, to keep the level of convenience and security always high. It works with Nano SIM card with voice and SMS traffic (SIM not included in the package).
* QuadriBand GSM phone, GPS, drop sensor, TF memory card slot (max 32 GB), 2.8" color display, camera with flash (1.3 MP), audio formats: MP3\WAV, GPRS class 12, FM radio, BL-5C 1000mAh battery, dimensions 109x55x19 mm, phone weight: 100 g. 
** At the time of purchase the drop sensor is already active but can be easily turned off from the phone's settings.
Centro Salvalavita
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For more than two decades we have been turning distance into proximity. 
Active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you in an emergency through certified and proven procedures that ensure a surprise-free experience. When paired with a device with a geolocation function, the operator will be able to pinpoint the location of the device and provide that data, along with other information already in his or her possession (the client's personal and health data), to the health service, which can intervene quickly and accurately.
SLV30 Altavoce + Band Plus
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The water-resistant emergency bracelet. 
Bracelet, comfortable to wear, equipped with large Lifesaver button. Upon prolonged pressure of the Salvalavita button, the bracelet connects to the Beghelli phone which will call and send SMS to all SOS numbers previously entered by the user or to the Salvalavita Center (subscription service). Salvalavita Band Plus is water-resistant, so you can wear it all day long during normal daily activities. Just slip off the strap and use the device with the included multipurpose strap.

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