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Beghelli Servizi was founded in the '90s, on the basis of Gian Pietro Beghelli's forward-thinking plan to link a series of "Service" packages with Beghelli's products.
The company has historically been active in the personal and workplace safety sector, through the SOS Beghelli Operational Centre, which constantly monitors and manages thousands of Beghelli devices designed to provide assistance and protection to individuals.

Beghelli Servizi is an E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company), and as such, offers a range of possibilities for the integration of lighting systems, with a host of different proposals for the market, founded on more that 10 years of experience in energy efficiency across all economic sectors, both private and public.

Beghelli has received accreditation from the Italian Electricity and Gas Authority, and was one of the first Italian companies to become certified under the UNI CEI 11352 standard: in 2007, the company received energy efficiency credits (Titoli di Efficienza Energetica - TEE), otherwise known as "white certificates", for a number of its lighting design projects.In addition, Beghelli is also certified under ISO 9001:2008, and has SOA OG9 III class and OS 30 IV class certification.

Servizi E.S.Co.

Emergency helpline services

The company provides highly-qualified civil and professional security services, as well as personal assistance services.

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After-sales services

Beghelli after-sales services include the provision of extended warranties for Beghelli products, as well as a number of on-site services such as corrective maintenance operations and "tout court" or simple activation of emergency lighting systems. Through a dedicated platform, Beghelli can provide remote systems management services, in order to determine energy saving benefits, identify any operational faults and change key functional parameters.

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