E.S.Co. services
- Quality and respect for the environment

E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company)

E.S.Co. services<br/>- Quality and respect for the environment

Beghelli Servizi can assist in the integration of various different solutions within a single lighting system.


Energy audit of lighting systems


This service is designed to offer proposals for boosting the energy efficiency of lighting systems in a way that is convenient for the customer: lighting systems audits, comprehensive energy calculation for the entire lighting system, analysis of the cost/benefit of a proposed efficiency intervention - these are the key services provided.

Analysis, implementation and management of Beghelli SmartDriver home automation management system


Service designed for those who have chosen to install a Beghelli SmartDriver lighting system equipped with radio control, and who want to optimise the function of their systems in order to maximise the energy saving benefits:analysis of scenarios that are compatible with the customer's activities, design project prior to installation of presence detectors, configuration of on-site presence detectors, configuration of devices for WIFI connection and activation of device management app, management of home automation parameters via web platform - these are the key services provided.

Management of "White Certificates" and "Grand ESCo Italia" proposal 

Service designed for those who have chosen to install a Beghelli SmartDriver lighting system equipped with radio control and hours of use/energy consumed gauge, and who want to benefit from government incentives designed to promote energy efficiency: feasibility analysis for energy efficiency credit (Titoli di Efficienza Energetica - TEE) requests and compilation of relevant documentation, preparation of requests to be submitted to the GSE as responsible body, collection of device operation data, processing of TEP savings data calculations, periodic reporting to the GSE in order to obtain TEEs, sale of TEEs obtained on the market - these are the key services provided.

"A world of light at zero cost" service - energy performance contract 

This is the "TOP" Beghelli Servizi energy efficiency proposal, which, since 2006, has led to the creation of thousands of new systems, and the installation of millions of remotely controlled and managed luminaires. This provides for the prior verification of the technical, economic and financial feasibility of replacing the existing lighting (and emergency lighting) systems with more efficient systems and solutions.With the Esco option, the project is 100% financially supported by Beghelli Servizi, with dedicated financial agreements available, through the sharing of energy savings generated, guaranteed under the contract. If equipped with a home automation radio transmitter, in addition to measuring actual consumption (and thus energy savings compared to the previous system), all Beghelli SmartDriver lighting devices are also able to communicate the information to the appropriate certified Beghelli control unit, which in turn transfers the information to the Beghelli Servizi monitoring station, which regularly measures and quantifies the actual measured energy savings achieved and obtained by the customer. For the duration of each of the contracts (which is pre-defined for "Un mondo di luce" contracts, or not subject to minimum or maximum limits in the case of "Esco Libero" contracts), a comprehensive maintenance service is also provided courtesy of Beghelli Servizi, including spare parts and labour.

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