After-sales services

After-sales services

Extension of product warranty


All Beghelli lighting and emergency lighting products can be accompanied (on purchase) by a full warranty extension, courtesy of Beghelli Servizi, for a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 10 years.The warranty extension contract also covers components subject to natural wear and tear (e.g. batteries or light sources);parts that become worn or damaged due to natural events, such as lightning strikes, or parts that become damaged for reasons not attributable to defects, are excluded.

On-site Corrective Maintenance

The product warranty extension contract can also be broadened to include cover for all labour costs relating to "on-site" corrective maintenance operations.Maintenance work can be carried out by the customer's installer of choice or with the assistance of a Beghelli Servizi service centre.

On-site activation of emergency systems

This service provides for the on-site activation of emergency systems constructed in accordance with the installation guide.During the activation process, the following activities may be carried out:control unit configuration, communications testing, functional checks and activation of supervisory software (if provided)

Remote system monitoring and management

This remote system monitoring and management contract is only compatible with ordinary and emergency lighting systems equipped with control unit with GSM modem.Beghelli Servizi periodically connects to the control unit in order to collect the operating data pertaining to the devices installed.The data collected and stored by Beghelli Servizi is then processed, thus allowing the customer to monitor the calculation of the hours of use of the device (through a web platform), along with power consumption and energy savings compared to the previous system configuration, as well as keeping track of any faults.
Emergency device register of checks and controls, UNI 11222

Through the same web platform, the customer can also access the system to make changes to the main functional parameters of the system. For example, this allows the customer to:configure settings, adjust the luminous flux emitted by the device, programme testing of emergency equipment and automatically maintain the emergency device checks and controls register (as required by the standard UNI 11222  - emergency device statistics register, functional check report, autonomy check report, general check report, submitted directly via the internet, including on site).

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