29 April 2024

Beghelli Modula line now also for lighting

The species evolves: from emergency luminaires, Modula extends to ordinary lighting

From today in the world of electrical systems there is a great novelty, a design innovation aimed at radically changing the way of installing an emergency  lighting fixture.
We have introduced yet another innovation in the world of electrical installation that promises to radically change, simplify and speed up, the way of installing not only emergency but now also ordinary lighting fixture.
Modula is a mounting bracket that incorporates within itself a multifunction junction box, a quick bracket in which there is already all the space needed for the wiring of the system, so that it is no longer necessary to place traditional junction boxes to connect the lamp. There is ample space inside the box for cable entry and housing, the removable terminal block, and the various optional Expansion Modules (such as Wireless Radio communication modules and Emergency Inverters). Wiring, including through-wiring, can be completed before mechanically installing the devices.
A modular system that is extremely easy to install
A revolutionary installation system that reduces installation time by 50% and simplifies every subsequent maintenance operation. The luminaires in the Modula series can be separated from the branch bracket and then conveniently handled very quickly, thanks to a simple snap-on locking and unlocking system.
Beghelli's signature Modula box obviously pays specific attention to the integration of emergency lighting into the luminaires, which is why it is also designed to hold both self-powered TR and centralized battery type Inverter modules (LG24, LG230). Inverters housed in the Modula bracket preserve the luminaires' safety features intact.
Part of the Modula family is the BS UNO weatherproof ceiling light and also a new line of floodlights, reflectors, and street fixtures.
BS UNO  is aesthetically characterized by a distinctively designed profile and anti-glare shield and boasts the highest lighting performance, up to 12500 lm of flux. Light output is controlled by an innovative optical diffuser to prevent glare (UGR<25).
The Modula line of  H-Pro reflectors, Flood S and Flood M spotlights and Strada roadway has been tested to pass IP65 and IK08, with operating temperatures from -20° to +40°. Robustness and solidity are guaranteed to last in the most extreme outdoor and industrial environments thanks to the body made entirely of die-cast aluminum, including junction box. In addition to mechanical features, the range is distinguished by energy savings and lighting performance (up to 57000 lm)